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handcrafted copper lanterns With Attention to detail

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Copper Sculptures, one of the few remaining companies in the world handcrafting copper lanterns with open-flame burners that can be custom designed just for your personality. Each gas lantern is a work of art - individually sculpted to bring out the elegance of period gas lanterns or new contemporary characteristics. Our coppersmiths build our gas lanterns with 100% solid copper with no lead to melt, providing signature, custom quality lanterns...guaranteed for a lifetime.


We offer both natural gas and propane lanterns with options of two or three candelabra base clusters. Our gas lanterns are UL Certified, ensuring your safety both indoors and outdoors.


Our success is in meeting your vision. Every gas lantern we produce is custom-made and handcrafted with precision to meet our customers' needs.


Here's a quick overview of our process:


Customer meets with Copper Sculptures Design Consultant to discuss your lantern selection and style.


  1. Once the design is approved by our customer, details are sent to the Drafting Department for pattern and schematic development.
  2. Sheet metal fabricators lay out approved patterns onto various thicknesses of copper, creating and prepping the various gas lantern components for braising.
  3. Highly skilled coppersmiths braise components together using our unique, high-temp phosphate copper welding rods to ensure a solid copper gas lantern.
  4. The lantern is then placed into an acid bath to rinse braising dust and to create uniform color or decorative, aged finish.
  5. Meanwhile, welders build a decorative steel bracket for the gas lantern. The bracket is then powder-coated a designated color, based on customer's vision.
  6. Blacksmith and coppersmith crafts are combined in our Glass and Testing Department. Here, the gas lantern is attached to the bracket, receives internal components and is tested to the highest safety standard to meet building codes.
  7. The finished product is analyzed with detail by Quality Control before shipping.