Copper Sculptures: Bringing your vision to light

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It’s common knowledge that a burning light has long been used as a symbol for vacancy – traditionally serving as a way to show travelers they were welcome to stop and rest along the journey from one place to the next.

The Shook family business can relate. With gas lights burning outside Copper Sculptures since 1999, enduring hurricanes and the unpredictable weather of South Mississippi, this is a business that welcomes you. Over the years, Copper Sculptures has set the standard for elegant, handcrafted lanterns; however, the expertise of the Copper Sculptures team does not outweigh the significance of its dedication to customization and, most importantly, customer service. Each customer’s desires are heard.

At Copper Sculptures, the lights are always on because your vision is always welcome.

"It's attention to detail that is the difference between average and stunning. "

Francis Atterbury


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Bill Shook’s passion for copper creations began in Starkville, Mississippi in the 1960s. Working for a company that built grandfather clocks, he would often purchase scraps and build wind chimes in his spare time – just as a hobby. Wind chimes led to fountains, and eventually, Bill’s hobby led to true craftsmanship. In 1987, he built his first lantern.

By 1988, building light fixtures was Bill’s full-time job. When his wife Kathy joined the venture to take over sales, a true family business blossomed. Today, Bill and Kathy’s children Kimberly and Jeremy handle day-to-day operations. With an eye for interior design, Kimberly manages sales, marketing and design consulting. Jeremy’s degree in industrial technology shines through as he uses his 10+ years with Copper Sculptures and passion for delivering superior quality to provide customers with lighting that is functional, artistic and one-of-a-kind.

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