Copper Gas Lanterns

Art, History and a hint of today

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As one of the few remaining copper design companies in the world handcrafting copper gas lanterns with open-flame burners, we take our craft seriously. Each gas copper lantern is a work of art - individually sculpted by our coppersmiths to bring out the elegance of period gas lanterns and to enhance our favorite contemporary characteristics. Copper Sculptures builds our gas lanterns with 100% solid copper with no lead to melt, allowing us to provide our signature, custom quality copper craftsmanship...guaranteed for a lifetime. You will enjoy the beauty of warm gas lighting with a perpetual flame always lighting the way. Our family owned, customer tested gas copper lanterns will meet your expectations for a lifetime.

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While we have many gas lantern styles for you to choose from represented in our catalog, all lanterns are made to order...handcrafted specifically for you. Not all available gas lantern designs are featured within the catalog, so feel free to contact us to discuss other options for gas lanterns. All styles of gas lanterns are available as wall mount, post mount or may be hung from the ceiling by yoke or chain.


Call us today for a detailed gas lantern line drawing of the size and style you are seeking. Here at Copper Sculptures, we aim to bring your vision to LIGHT.