Electronic Igniton

Electronic ignition for gas lanterns and gas lighting

The Electronic Ignition System, available from Copper Sculptures, allows open gas flame lanterns to be turned on with a typical light switch. With Electronic Ignition, should the flame be blown out, the gas lantern will automatically re-ignite. Customers now have the convenience of turning the gas lantern on and off with the flip of a switch, timer, or photocell.


Why is it needed?

The Electronic Ignition System can be used for situations where gas lanterns are installed over doors or where ladders are needed to turn lights on and off. It can also be useful, in conservation of energy uses; where gas lanterns are not wanted to burn continuously.


How does it work?

With a standard light switch, lanterns can be turned on and off. If the electricity or the gas service is interrupted, the flame extinguishes and stays off until the service is resumed, and the flame will automatically re-ignite. At no time is the un-ignited gas flow allowed to continue more than the few seconds it takes for the igniter to start the flame.


The system is comprised of 4 different components: valve, transformer, control box, and igniter.


How is it Installed?

Reduce your gas supply line coming from the wall to ¼” copper coil or flex line, to connect to the ¼” male flare adapter on the Electronic Ignition Gas Valve. The Electronic Ignition valve has a ¼” male flare connection. The power source operating the electronics is 24 V.A.C. The transformer is to be supplied by the customer.



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While we have many gas lantern styles for you to choose from represented in our catalog, all lanterns are made to order...handcrafted specifically for you. Not all available gas lantern designs are featured within the catalog, so feel free to contact us to discuss other options for gas lanterns. All styles of gas lanterns are available as wall mount, post mount or may be hung from the ceiling by yoke or chain.


Call us today for a detailed gas lantern line drawing of the size and style you are seeking. Here at Copper Sculptures, we aim to bring your vision to LIGHT.